HiTech part of S3E Project

HiTech is now part of the European S3E Project.

HiTech is one of HiSeedTech leading programs and we work throughout the year to improve it and the next editions are no exception!

We are glad to announce that HiTech is now part of the European S3E Project and the research teams from Portuguese Institutions that will apply to HiTech, will join the S3E Start program. Moreover, the S3E Start will also be open to Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) staff that want to learn a thoroughly tested methodology to foster science-based entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.

The S3E is a project granted by the European Commission that aims to develop an engine of growth that will improve the connectedness and efficiency of the entrepreneurship ecosystems in Southern European countries. The focus is on accelerating Deep Tech projects coming from research teams, and deep tech solutions coming from start-ups and SMEs that can impact social development and economic growth for a more sustainable future.

The S3E will have three tracks: S3E Start, S3E Charge, and, finally, the S3E Reverse. Each track will target a specific audience, but let's focus our attention on S3E Start.

S3E Start is a hands-on experience that aims to provide skills to researchers and TTOs in knowledge commercialisation to enable them to:

• Link Science & Technology to product and market needs;
• Better communicate science to a non-science audience;
• Evaluate the different paths to move the technology to the market.

These goals will be achieved with the help of online classes, webinars and mentoring. So, S3E Start will use the same team and methodology as HiTech. For the Portuguese researchers there will be no difference from the previous HiTech editions. The program will maintain the same challenging vibe. However, all the selected participants will have a scaled experience and will have colleagues from all the southern Europe.

So, Translate your deep tech project into a high-growth business opportunity!


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