e-Closing Session

HiTech One 2020 Edition reaches the end on the 21st of July.

In the e-Closing Session of the HiTech One Program, participating teams will present a value proposition for a product concept (developed from the technology with which they applied to the Program) to a restricted audience. This audience will be composed mainly by collaborators of HiSeedTech member companies, the members of the judging panel and a few guests from the scientific and technological system.

The e-Closing Session of HiTech One serves two purposes.First, it presents the opportunity for the teams: (i) to get independent feedback (from the judging panel) and test the robustness of the work carried out in the Program; (ii) to experience the type of questions that could appear in real presentations to investors. The second purpose is to serve as a part of the selection process to the second stage of the program – HiTech Two.

The final session will be on the 21st of July and has the following schedule:
15:00 Welcome
15:15 Projects presentations |
16:15 Break
16:25 Projects presentations |I
17:25 Break
17:35 Projects presentations |I|
18:15 Closing

The teams:
• ACS20 • Ceramics4All • Chemi-Tumor • DIAGONAL • GraphTEAM • M9'Calibre • Metabofind • Phyergy • PureDNA • Self Stacked Systems •

Good Luck

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