HiTech 2022 Official Video

Watch the testimonials of HiTech 2022 teams and apply to the next edition.

In July, we brought together all those who took part in HiTech 2022 and created a memorable closing session - In case you missed the event you can always review it on our YouTube channel, here.

On an unforgettable day where HiTech 2022 teams, mentors, HiSeedTech associates, and some guests gathered, the Tivoli BBVA theater gained another color and another shine - an orange wave.

To prove what is being described please watch the HiTech team testimonial video - a video where there is a resume of what happened during 18 weeks of HiTech - how the researchers felt, what they can take away from this adventure and how they describe the program.

The next HiTech edition will have a lot of news, and news that will take the program to a higher level. This is an edition you won't want to miss.

So, for researchers and and technology transfer officers that want to gain skills in knowledge commercialisation to enable them to:

• Link Science & Technology to product and market needs,
• Better communicate science to a non-science audience,
• Evaluate the different paths to move the technology to the market.

HiTech 2023 pre-registrations are open!

Stay tuned to find out more in a few weeks.

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