HiTech with three stages

The program has changed! Know more information here.

HiTech has changed! Now HiTech is a three stage Program aimed at:

  1. Supporting the commercialization of technologies developed from scientific research results;
  2. Providing skills to participants in technology commercialization.

This three stage approach allows participating teams to move through the three key steps in developing a business plan (i) to start-up a venture, (ii) to license the technology to an existing company or (iii) to find a partner to further develop the technology.

In the first stage (HiTech One), participants will develop the skills that will help them to validate the commercial potential of a product/service concept developed from the technology the team brought to the Program. For the teams that complete this stage and do not move forward to the next stage, the benefit is that they acquire the most relevant skills in technology commercialization that will allow them to develop a sustained value proposition for any technology they develop (a major asset for developing university-industry partnership projects).

In the second stage (HiTech Two), participating teams will develop a business case for the product/service concept developed in HiTech One. This will allow participants to acquire business development skills, further strengthening the commercialization skills developed in HiTech One. For the teams that complete this stage and do not move forward to the next stage, the benefit is that they will gain a deep understanding on what it takes to develop a sustained business case to attract investment, license a technology, or participate in an open innovation program.

In the third stage (HiTech Startup), participating teams will develop an ‘investment ready’ business plan (or licensing plan) and will have support in procuring a first round of funding to further develop the project.

Both HiTech One and HiTech Two are in-class programs, while HiTech Startup is a self-contained mentoring program. In each stage the participating teams will have support from management people, namely mentors with extensive experience in business development.

Applicatins for HiTech One will open soon!


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