S3E Start Meet the Mentors

Meet the S3E Start Mentors that will support the participating teams.

A total of 20 experts have been selected to mentor the S3E START Deep Tech projects.

These mentors will guide one research team through S3E START. Mentoring in S3E START is a formal process. It was specifically designed to support the participating teams in developing a business case grounded on the scientific discovery or a technology brought by the team to the program.

The mentors supporting the S3E START edition are individuals who are somehow connected to the area of deep tech and entrepreneurship. They have relevant experience in the development and management of businesses. They are industry executives in the middle or advanced stage of their careers who enjoy supporting the development of research-based business projects.

The S3E START mentors will guide the participating teams in the validation of the project and in the development of the business case. In a nutshell, helping the teams identify issues and make decisions. This way, each team will have one or more mentors assigned who will help the team overcome the proposed challenges.

Meet this year's mentors:

A kick-off meeting took place on March 9th, and the first meeting between mentors and teams will take place on March 23rd.

To all of them: thank you for joining this deep tech revolution!

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